YourVirtualHR’s (“YVHR”) goal is to provide HR with solutions, developed by HR experts working in the trenches, which are straightforward, technology centered, and based on good old-fashioned knowledge and know how. The HR function has never been more critical in helping companies reduce risk. YVHR is committed to assisting HR meet this objective by focusing on simple solutions.


NEW FOR 2018: INTRODUCING YVHR’S “HR INVESTIGATION TOOLKIT”.  With an increasing number of workplace complaints, particularly those involving sexual harassment claims, employers must implement and properly document the investigation process. In addition, conducting timely, thorough, objective and fair investigations in response to harassment complaints is required by law, and essential to reducing risk in the workplace. As part of the employer’s ongoing effort to reduce risk, investigations must be properly managed and documented. To help meet this significant HR function, YVHR created the first comprehensive “HR Investigation Toolkit”, which includes many features for conducting workplace investigations such as templates, best practices, and claims history for each employee.  Give us a call toll free at 1-562-888-0126 or email sales@yourvirtualhr.com for more information on how our new investigative tool can help you meet your HR legal obligations and reduce risk.

YVHR understands that in the fast and ever changing paradigm of workplace laws more and more companies are using e-learning to train their workforce. From management training to educating the rank and file on workplace policies, procedures and conduct rules, e-learning is an efficient, manageable, and core HR tool. YVHR offers employers, HR professionals, and risk administrators, a cost-effective e-learning system, which includes tools to assist with employee learning, and key topics such as “AB 1825 Sexual Harassment”,  “Managing Meal and Rest Periods to Avoid Liability”, and “For Front-Line Managers: Understanding the Interactive Process”. For more information, give us a call at Toll Free 1-562-888-0126 or email sales@yourvirtualhr.com.

YVHR’s Consultation Team understands that managing the day to day HR function is a challenging, time-consuming and complicated task. Strategic decisions must be made on a daily basis. Compliant policies must be implemented and continuously updated. And, the workforce must be properly managed to ensure a workplace culture that promotes employee satisfaction and maximum productivity. Problems inevitability develop that require solutions, sometimes immediately. YVHR can help you design solutions to meet your short-term and long-term HR needs, help with the critical HR decisions that often arise, and help implement compliant HR policies and procedures.  For more information, give us a call at Toll Free 1-562-888-0126 or email sales@yourvirtualhr.com.

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